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UCSD Suicide Prevention

"To the world you are one person, to me you are the world"

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This webpage was created in light of the two recent suicides of UCSD students, Danny Sobel and Andrew Lai. These events are too tragic NOT to do something about them. This webpage will become well-known on campus, and it will become a source of hope for those going through a hard time. On here, you can make a difference and post YOUR story about how you were depressed or suicidal and how you changed, healed, and overcame. You can post it ANONYMOUSLY by creating a new livejouranl account for free, which only takes a couple minutes. You don't need to update your journal, you can just create an account to post your story on here. You don't need to be a member of this livejournal community to post, although you can be if you want.

You can contact us by emailing: ucsd_suicide_prevention@hotmail.com

Other projects we will be working on:

*getting the word out

*a UCSD Suicide Prevention myspace group for friends in need: if you're feeling depressed and/or suicidal and you want other students to talk to about it, check out the people who have added themselves and you can meet with 2 or more people at a time who have been through what you're going through or they've had close friends who have been through it

*creating an inter-UC-campus network for suicide prevention, although most of our efforts will be focused at UCSD